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Spilsted Farm Airfield

Runway (M) .png

Spilsted Farm is a much liked airfield a short distance north of the popular seaside town of Hastings. The strip is well known for its one way in, one way out approach and grass runway with distinct gradients. We are home to a selection of aircraft along with an on site aeronautical engineering company.

Visitors are welcome to fly in (with PPR, see information below) so if you would like to try a new airfield or explore the local area, give us a call. 

Spilsted Fam Layout.


Runway 33 - Runway 33 is the only option for landing.  


Runway 15 - Runway 15 is for takeoff only. 


Runway 500m   

Elevation: 160ft ASML


Spilsted Farm

Stream lane


East Sussex



≈4.5nm North of 



N50°56.22 E000°31.15


Safety Com


PPR / Information

Contact Edward on:

Airfield - 01424 870984

Mobile - 07725 953387

PPR for Spilsted farm is mandatory. Please do not land without talking to us on one of the numbers below.

Map Preview.png

Please make every endeavour to follow these procedures. The noise abatement flight paths have worked well for 40 years and we wish to maintain the status quo.

There is no conventional circuit to fly into Spilsted Farm, more a direct approach path for inbound and outbound traffic.




All inbound traffic must commence from the Water Tower at N50.53.527 by E000.31.325. I would suggest you set these co-ordinates as a waypoint on your GPS. The Water Tower is best seen approaching from a southerly direction adjacent to a Car Sales area on the top of Telham Hill. Make a radio call when approximately 2 minutes prior to flying over the Water Tower, thus. “SPILSTED FARM TRAFFIC, G-ABCD INBOUND, TWO MINUTES TO WATER TOWER”.

When passing over the Water Tower make another radio call “SPILSTED FARM TRAFFIC, G-ABCD INBOUND OVERHEAD WATER TOWER”. From here, track 360 degrees for a distance of 2.5 Nautical Miles to reach the final 20 degree turn to port to line up with the runway which commences from position N50.56.096 by E000.31.333. At approximately 30 seconds to touch down, make one last radio call, “SPILSTED TRAFFIC G-CD SHORT FINALS.” As you cross over the A21 main road turn left to line up with the runway. Another private strip will be visible to the right of track, DO NOT land there, the correct runway is almost parallel to the A21 road adjacent. This final turn will be at low altitude, so take care not to allow the prevailing winds (SW) to push you through the runway centreline

Watch the Video below, this was flown at 70Kts. Just before the final turn you will see two factory units in the woods, aim to be inbetween these. The Runway is uphill at first, then a long flat area followed by a steep descent then another uphill section. The flat area on top of the hill is approximately 500 metres so plenty long enough for most light aircraft. Once landed, continue taxiing along the centreline until the parking area at the far north end of the strip.

In Winter, the strip can get soft, check PPR on the telephone number below if it’s been raining a lot.

Spilsted Farm : Standard Operating Procedures


This is basically the reverse of the approach procedure. There are two options for take off. Firstly, the Ski Jump using the upper runway section. This is NOT recommended unless you are very familiar with your Aircraft’s performance, thus the ‘Standard Departure’ is preferred as follows:

After start up, listen out on 135.480 for AT LEAST 3 MINUTES before lining up. This will enable you to check no arrivals are inbound. Make a blind radio call: “SPILSTED FARM TRAFFIC G-ABCD DEPARTING TO THE SOUTH”.

Fast taxi to the top of the ski-jump then apply full power once you have crested the hill. Once a positive rate of climb is established, turn right 20 degrees and exit the same route as you arrived. Remain over the woodland until you have crossed the ridge at Telham, then resume normal navigation

All the above are not instructions, safety is your own responsibility, but we hope it will assist first time visitors to best comply with noise abatement procedures.

Any questions, call Cristal Air on 01424 870984  and ask for Ed.

< Map Preview

< Download High resolution Map Here

Local Places and Attractions to Visit.

Blackbrooks Garden Centre.

Blackbrooks garden centre is a popular garden centre with a large variety of things to offer from Gifts to Garden Sheds.

Backbrooks also has a popular restaurant with a good range of food and drinks, a great place to enjoy a cup of Tea and a slice of Cake.

The Queens Head. 

The Queens Head pub dates back to the 14th Century, Outside the pub you may get a glimpse of the the wandering geese on the green. From the years 1735 - 1749 the pub was regularly visited by the notorious Hawkhurst Smuggling gang. A tunnel used for smuggling contraband can be seen from the cellar. 

The pub serves high quality gastro pub food for lunch and dinner

Leeford Place Hotel Whatlington. 

The leeford Place Hotel in Whatlington with it's high quality accommodation and beautiful garden is an ideal place to stay overnight or longer.  

The hotel is extremely good value for the quality of accommodation and food. At the time of righting, a room for two (Single or double beds) is

£100 on Sunday - Thursday and £120 on Friday -Saturday, per night including breakfast. 

Royal Oak.

The Royal Oak Pub is a good place to stop if you are staying for the day. The main menu combines traditional British cooking with inspiration from around the world, Green and Cypriot food being specialities. 

The Royal Oak is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Battle Abbey and Battlegrounds.

The Abbey is located on the grounds the famous Battle Of Hastings that took place in 1066, the battle that changed the course of British history. Visiting the Abbey and Battlegrounds is a day out in its-self. 

The Abbey and Battleground are an English Heritage site. 

Battle High Street. 

At the lower end of the street you will find Battle Abbey, further along there is a good selection of varied coffee and gift shops along with generic high street shops and stores. 

At the top end of the street you will find the Battle Museum of Local History that is based mostly on the History of the local area including events long before the 1066 Battle of Hastings. 

Bodiam Castle.

Bodiam castle is a fantastic national trust location. The castle dates back to the 1300s yet is in incredible condition and still boasts its own Moat filled with some rather large carp. This is the ideal place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing day out. 

Other than the castle its self there is a nice surrounding footpath with a national trust tea-room and gift shop. The castle is also a stones throw away from the Kent and East Sussex Railway. 

Kent & East Sussex Railway. 

A great day out is guaranteed on the K&ESR. The railway runs from Bodiam to Tenterden town using a variety of steam and diesel locomotives.

Two examples of what you can do in a day:

Sit back and relax whilst watching the beautiful local scenery pass by and grab a bite to eat at the railway restaurant then have a walk around the active and scenic town of Tenterden before returning to the railway to get a train back to Bodiam, or you could

enjoy a trip on an early train from Bodiam to tenterden, stretch your legs then return, there is only a 5 minute walk down the road to Bodiam castle, the perfect day trip. 

In a few years when the line is reopened, you will be able to Board the train at Robertsbridge, only a 10 minute drive up the A21. 

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